I’ve dated a thousand books…

Is this the part of the blog where I introduce myself? tell you who I am? How long I’ve been a reader or what books I like to read? Rachel, my whole life, and all of them btw. I was going to post my first review today but I thought maybe an introduction of some kind would be a good start. So here it is, This is my blog. Im 33, Im a wife, cat mom, I dwell in the far off land of PNW Oregon. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for sometime now. I needed a safe place to put my thoughts about books and the books I read in one official place (besides #bookstagram). I hope you enjoy my bookish blog.

I finished a book on audio today that I feel like was a waste of my time. I totally read it based on its cover. Its gorgeous. I was lured by its look and it left me gasping for a air like a fish on dry land. I was going to DNF it but I just kept waiting for the book to get better. At first, I blamed the narrator. I just finished the most amazing book on audio and I thought that I was on a book hang over still but that wasn’t the problem. The synopsis was appealing and that cover, so freaking gorgeous but at the end of the book, I felt like it was a bad first date.

I leave you with this thought today, is reading a book like dating? If judging a book by its cover is like judging a person by their looks, then is a books synopsis like someones dating profile?

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