Its like Speed Dating but With Books….

If reading a book is like dating. I am preparing for a long weekend getaway in bed with a sexy stack of books. I cannot wait to slowly peel off the dust jackets, revealing their naked hard backs and indulging all. weekend. long. or is a readathon more like speed dating?

This is the second or third readathon that I’ve participated in. This month’s theme is Cover Love. I have some beautiful books that I’ve been dying to get into. I, also, have a bit of a check list in order to get myself ready. Its more than just picking out the books, its snacks, bath bombs, wine and what I’m going to do with my husband, in order to read for 48 hours straight. Today’s post (written on Thursday) is basically about my check list and the sexy books I plan on dating all weekend long.


What I’m reading alongside the audio book:

  • The Dark Decent by Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White
  • The Hazel Witch by VE Schwab

 Pallet Cleansers:

  • Steel Prince by VE Schwab
  • Milk and Honey Rupi Kuar 

Other books:

  • We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal
  • Legend by Marie Lu 

Food and beverage:

  • Buckets of coffee
  • Tea
  • And cheap bottle of Rosè


  • this is where I get serious, Brie and blue cheese , meats, cherries, gourmet crackers and a apple for health.

I also have left over birthday cake and a pint of B&J ready to go. 

Bath products:

  • I have to pick up a bath bomb as I used my last soaking salt from Fairytale bath co. last weekend and totally forgot to order one like an amateur.
  • I do however, have an assortment of face masks to choose from.

And the final check list: what to do with my husband.

  • Luckily, this weekend is an easy one, there is a formula one Grand Prix race all weekend long and I have given him permission to monopolize the TV starting Friday night. He seems excited for this.

That’s it. Come 6 pm PST I can run my fingers down some sultry spines and for once, no one can tell me to stop because it’s creepy!

May your TBR become shorter this weekend.

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  1. Ooo I need to find a read-a-thon for when the boy is out of town… this sounds like a ton of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I dont know of any right now but I do plan on hosting one during the fall!


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