How to date many books at once…

Hello to my book loving friends. Sorry it’s been nothing but dead air on my blog as of late. Life hit me hard. I saw a meme the other day that said this “adulting is saying ‘next week things will slow down’ over and over again until you die” there’s so much truth to that. I thought after my trip to Las Vegas that id slow down a bit. That was a straight up lie. I lied to myself until I saw that meme. Those words will never be uttered out of my mouth again. Instead, I’m just going to assume that I will always be busy and I’ll never truly master the art of balance.

I’ve been book dating a lot lately, like I’m swiping right to all the books and they all seem to be the one until the books ends and the author dumps me and I’m left heart broken, ugly crying and eating my feelings at midnight until the glow from my bookshelf reveals a new match and I swipe right.

Take one of my favorite book series Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake as an example. I went one 4 full dates and one min I date of the past few years. It was announced last year that 2019 would be out final date. My book date didn’t disappoint. It was touch and go for a few days but in the end, I was happy how our relationship ended. It was gentle and sad. I was depressed for a week but there are other books on the bookshelf, I dried my tears, had a glass of wine and moved on. The book series forever lingering in my heart where it once took up space.

My post today is going to be super short. I’m preparing to host my very first readathon. I’ve only ever been a participant. I’m nervous but it’s going to be fun. There are so many more participants then I expected there to be. In preparation, I wrote out a “how to prepare for a weekend readathon”

How to prepare for any readathon. Its honestly pretty simple. I always make sure that my husband has something to do the weekend of the readathons or I’d be constantly interrupted. I love him, don’t get me wrong but I don’t want to worry about entertaining him for a whole weekend when im trying to read.  ( I know he’s reading this- baby, thank you for always giving me time to read)

First things first,

  • Know the rules, if there is any, before the readathon begins. The ones I’ve participated in are pretty relaxed. Where the operative goal is to just read but I know others have some pretty strict rules.
  • give yourself plenty of time to select your TBR. I’m mostly a mood reader. I set up a loose TBR of books that match the readathons theme and a few that I’ve been wanting to read lately. I usually have some on audio and some physical books. I typically do audio so I can still get a few errands and chores done without taking a break from reading for too long. I also advice selecting a few pallet cleansers I.E. comic books, poem books if they are allowed to kinda allow a mental break , 24 hours intp reading- you can get pretty tired.
  • Second, think about how you’d want to spend a cozy weekend of reading! I myself, prefer to be all tucked up in bed with a fuzzy blanket, surrounded by pillows. I love taking baths and reading in the tub. I make sure that I have plenty of bath products for the long weekend, bath bombs, soaking salts, face masks… all of it. It’s a weekend for some deep selfcare and a deep dive into your TBR.
  • Third, snacks and refreshments. I plan my snacks out ahead of time. Usually lots of cheese and finger foods. With all the beverages, coffee, tea, and rose (all day). I don’t really eat meals during readathon weekends. I find snacking to be the easiest.
  • Lastly, have fun. its a weekend to read. Dont feel pressured to read multiple books over the weekend.If youre a casual participant or someone who signed up to read all weekend and not sleep. you all joined the readathon for a reason and that was to read. Ive enjoyed getting to know other bookstagrammers and discussing the amazing books we all have chosen. maybe as your make a dent into your TBR, youll discover some new ones to add.

if you have any questions drop them in the comments below. im more then happy to help. Take care and happy reading. I promise I wont disappear for 1200 years again.

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